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Characteristics & Benefits  Product Patented                                         

  • The YAGRIP reduces material’s transportation time which therefore translate into great economical returns at the end of each projects.
  • The YAGRIP ’s design provides an ergonomic and safe way to transport all types of panels in order to help to reduce all potential injuries to your back, shoulder, neck & more.
  • The YAGRIP is the only tool allowing the transportation of any products from 0 to 1-5/8” thick. Whether it’s sheet goods like Plywood, Dry Wall (Single or Double sheets), Glass panel to Counter Top, Box Spring mattress to anything your field requires moving, all in a safe & easy way.
  • The YAGRIP provides a clear field of vision all around which allows you to move freely everywhere.
  • The YAGRIP is designed with a very simple mechanical structure in order to provide a great & reliable working tool for years to come.
  • The YAGRIP is constructed of an Anodized Aluminum main frame, designed to last in commercial use.
  • The YAGRIP is the only carrier having an adjustable handle position for a total control during any situation and by any user.
  • The pivoting lower hook of the YAGRIP is padded with a rubberized coating to provide stability and allow the sheet to pivot while climbing stairways without affecting the position of the handle which help prevents any strain in your wrist.

      The “YAGRIP” is a Technological Extension of your arm!